About Us

Vision: That every indigenous community in Eastern Panama and Darien has access to potable water. That each person in this region owns, values, and maintains a sanitary bathroom with their family. That each family has the knowledge and will to utilize their existing resources to provide for their families and community. That a love of God permeates the communities such that those who have an abundance help provide for those who do not.

Mission: To work side by side with communities, families, and individuals to provide for their basic needs while building relationships with them and ministering to them. We are passionate about potable water, sanitation, and sustainable agriculture as well as the most appropriate educational methods to address these basic needs.  We seek to do everything through the love of God so that God’s love will be manifested in those with which we work.

Methods: A holistic approach that combines faith with social work based on the principal of “love thy neighbor” and seeks to develop physically impoverished communities in a sustainable manner.

Faith… Potable Water… Sanitation…
                          Healthy Food… Dignified Shelter.

By establishing personal relationships with individuals in each community we are able to learn the needs and desires of each community, which provides us with a foundation to offer loving support as we seek to meet the basic needs of the people. And through this loving support we hope to carry a productive testimony of God’s saving grace.

We are affiliated with MB Mission and are open to however the Lord chooses to provide for our needs. Click the picture below for bios. or check out the short video below.

Colleen and Alan's Bio

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